Group Meteorite Hunt in Franconia (Part 2)

This video is the second of a two part series entitled “Group Meteorite Hunt in Franconia.” It documents our meteorite hunt from about noon till nightfall. After finding my 208 gram specimen early, I lent my detector to Jim Shortin, as he was having trouble with his. Then armed with both digital and video cameras my son Benjamin and I simply wandered around documenting the excursion.

In the video Stan Santiago, Mike Morgan and Jim Smaller along with others find some nice specimens. Jim “Franconia Iron Guru” Smaller shows the height at which his very sensitive detector can detect meteorites. Meanwhile Billy Wetzel’s wife Tiffany was the only newbie at this outing to score a meteorite.

The most common type of detector used was the Whites GMT. However, there were a few Fisher Gold Bug 2 machines in use as well as the ever popular Minelab 3000 series.

There were so many experienced and novice meteorite hunters at this particular outing that it would not surprise me if one of these was the next to make an incredible find. Who knows maybe someone in attendance will be the first to discover a new strewn field, a beautiful pallasite or even a new achondrite.

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Good luck and happy hunting!

Ruben Garcia
Phoenix, Arizona