Metal Detecting for Gold Basin Meteorites

It should come as no surprise that this months video episode spot-lights the Gold Basin meteorite. After all, November 25, 2007 will mark the 12 year anniversary of the discovery of the Gold Basin Strewn Field. The finders of the strewn field, Jim Kriegh, John Blennert, and Twink Monrad hunted and mapped the area for nearly two years before their secret got out. Today, many of the best American Meteorite Hunters owe at least a part of their success to Jim, John, Twink and the Gold Basin meteorite.

I found my first two meteorites in early 1998 after getting directions to Gold Basin from Jim Kriegh. I’ve returned from time to time just to see if there were any meteorites left with my name on them, there always were.

Recently my two friends Mike Morgan and Paul Desilets joined me in Gold Basin to help me to film a “Rubens Hunting Grounds” episode. Unfortunately, by the time that I arrived Paul and Mike had already found three small specimens each. As the sun set I swung my detector at a fevered pace and tried to even the score. Ultimately I was only able to find two small examples of this highly weathered meteorite before nightfall.

Our hunt ended around 11:00 PM, which was much earlier than the all-night hunt we had planned. All in all Mike was the evening’s most successful meteorite hunter with six meteorites. Paul came in a close second with five specimens and then came poky ole’ me with a miserable two meteorites for the evening.


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Good luck and happy hunting!

Ruben Garcia
Phoenix, Arizona