An Article In Meteorite-Times Magazine
by Tom Phillips

Three Nakhlites

Yes Three, I'm still grinning from the last week spent with three thin sections. These three Nakhlites (Nakhla, Lafayette, and Governador Valadares), were a generous loan from Jeff Hodges. Really, when is the last time any of us got a chance to look at a piece of Gov. V. up close?

Jeff's thin section collection is, well, I'm at a loss for the right adjective, but if I had his I WOULD throw mine away. I guess the best word to describe it would be "institutional". I hope I get to examine more and post many micrographs to the Gallery.

Quality thin sections are always a pleasure to work with. A good thin really effects how good the micrographs turn out. I have a personal collection of shots taken of bad thins. Some day I may share some, they will make you laugh, cry and laugh again. The crying comes from the great material that is subject to such poor treatment. Like they were made by anyone willing to drag a sample crossed a flat stretch of sidewalk.

Jeff is a fanatic about his thins and all are of the utmost quality.

All were taken in cross polarized light with the addition of a 1/4 wave retardation filter to draw out more color.

First up: Nakhla at 160X


Lafayette at 160X then 400X


Governador Valadares First two at 160X, third at 400X.


Finally, Governador Valadares. I have never seen a structure like this in a meteorite before. It's likely terrestrial contamination but these little what ever's are within the rock and not along fractures or cleavage lines. It's fun to let your imagination go with these shots. Go ahead and let me know what you think!




1500X with oil immersion lens

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