Meteorite Hunting on a Dry Lake Bed with Mr-Meteorite

After a two month break I decided once again to head out into the Southwestern Deserts and try to find a meteorite. However, this time instead of writing about my meteorite hunting adventures, I figured I’d bring you along for the ride. “How”, you may ask? I’ll bring you along via my camcorder of course. After all, what better way to understand what a meteorite hunter goes through to find even the smallest other worldly specimen.

The one thing that I didn’t take into account when I first started taking my video camera along was the fact that you always have to be thinking about “the story line”. Meteorite hunting is challenging enough with a meteorite cane or metal detector in hand, and becomes doubly so while toting a video camera. I tried to put these hunting adventures together in such a way as to depict a “day in the life” of a meteorite hunter, nothing fancy.

This month’s installment is part one, of a two part hunt at a dry lake bed in North Western Arizona. It was filmed over two days in late July when the heat was oppressive but somewhat bearable. The first day was just me and my video camera, the second day some friends of mine, Paul Desilets and Mike Morgan join me.

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Good luck and happy hunting!

Ruben Garcia
Phoenix, Arizona