An Article In Meteorite-Times Magazine
by Tom Phillips

Juvinas Eucrite - Unleashing the beauty within

These are the first images I have taken after a complete tear down and realignment of my aus Jena Fluoval and a changing of the condenser, polarizer, and stage.

The condenser, an aplanatic pancratic (apochromat, zoom) has an additional field diaphragm that my previous condenser did not have. As I am always using a lot of light, I can really make use of that diaphragm.

The polarizer is (for the first time) an original aus Jena. Designed to fit this scope and not just an old camera polarizer like I was using before.

The stage change would not normally have an effect on images! Not in this case. I had a biological microscope stage with a large hole. The slide holder would accommodate the smaller petrographic slides but with Jeff's slides, I wouldn't chance the slide dropping through the stage, so I was using it with a blank clear slide as support for the petrographic slide. This technique, while safe, changes the numerical aperture of the condenser and is not optimum. My new stage is designed for the size of slides I am using and no blank is necessary.

I wouldn't go into all this but this is a meteorite/microscope article and I do get emails about my equipment and techniques.

This is the Juvinas thin section supplied by Jeff Hodges.
Cool green centimeter scale cube supplied by Nakhla Dog (Rob).


This set of images was taken at a magnification of 160X.


This set was also taken at 160X but with the addition of combined incident (reflected) light.


This set was taken at a magnification of 400X.

The clarity is very nice for that level of magnification.

As I am writing this I am drinking my coffee in a mug with a Juvinas micrograph on it and the image turned out beautiful. (Even better than I had hoped for) Paul set up a product line for my micrographs as meteorite art. Please take a look. We put only a small $2 markup to help with the expenses associated with my scope and gallery. This is not about the profit!

More Juvinas micrographs are included in my Microscopic Meteorite Gallery.

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