An Article In Meteorite Times Magazine

This feature is devoted each month to one of the personalities within the meteorite community. This month we are delighted to share an interview we had with Skip Wilson.

Skip and his wife Marian in Portales

Meteorite-Times (MT) What or who got you interested in meteorites and how old were you when you got your first meteorite?

Skip Wilson (SW) I first became interested in meteorites at 12 or 13 yrs old from an encyclopedia.

(MT) What was your first meteorite?

(SW) I was hunting arrowheads and found a 28lb stone. It was named Floyd.

(MT) Do you still have it?

(SW) I have only 12 grams of it.

Skip hunting a "blow out" area

(MT) Do you have special areas of interest that you focus on in regards to meteorites (thin sections, photography, chemistry, age dating... etc)?

(SW) My main interest lies in the hunt and finding them.

(MT) Does your Family share in your interest in meteorites?

(SW) My family has only casual interest.

(MT) Do you have any special approaches to collecting? (Type collection, only stones, only irons, only by aesthetics, etc. or any and all that you like.)

(SW) Irons, stones or anything meteoritic. I have found over 200 stones and would love to find one new iron. 

Skip and metal detector in Portales

(MT) Do you mind saying how many locations your collection represents?

(SW) I have hunted about 40 sites, all in eastern New Mexico.

(MT) Is your collection displayed or kept in a dry box or both?

(SW) Part of My collection is boxed, part displayed. I don't have a very large collection.

(MT) In what ways do you use your computer for meteorites?

(SW) Correspondence only

(MT)  Do you ever hunt for meteorites?

(SW) Sometimes I hunt. Not near as much as I used to. I have some knee and foot problems.

Skip's amazing Portales Valley meteorite

(MT) What is your favorite meteorite in your collection?

(SW) My favorite is probably Portales Valley

Another view

(MT) What is your favorite overall if it is not the one above?

(SW) I have a really neat looking Gibeon

(MT) What makes these of special interest?

(SW) I found the Portales Valley. The Gibeon is just a great looking meteorite.

(MT) What meteorites are currently on your wish list?

(SW) I would love to find a lunar or martian.

(MT) What methods have been most successful in building your collection? (Buying at shows, from dealers by mail, auctions on the web, trading... etc)

(SW) All of the meteorites I have come from hunting and some trading.

Ruben and Skip in Portales

(MT) Do you also collect related materials like impact glasses, breccias, melts, tektites, shocked fossils, native iron rocks etc?

(SW) I have some tektites, shattercones, impact melt, and fossils.

(MT) Do you prepare any of your own specimens? (cut, polish, etch, etc.)

(SW) I cut and polish stones and have done a little etching.

(MT) Have you had to take any special measures to protect them from the environment?

(SW) I have had very little problem protecting them. The environment is very dry here.