DAG 734

EL-4 Enstatite Chondrite

Find 27 7.91' N / 16 3' E
Total Recovered Weight 1378 g

A very rare type of meteorite. A low iron subgroup, type 4. This slice is from the first piece of EL-4 to be found outside of Antarctica where Que 94368 weighing only 1.2 grams was found. This meteorite was found during the 1996/97 collecting period and was classified at Max Planck in January of 2000, By Dr. Frank Wlotzka.

Some of the interesting features of this meteorite are the great variety of sizes for the chondrules, and the very low FeO in the Enstatite measured at 0.3%.

The slice shown here both front and back weighs 1.7514 grams.


James P. Tobin 2003